At Outdoor Brabant there are awarded some remarkable Trophies.


Winners 'In Memoriam Daan Modderman Trophy'

Daan Modderman has been one of the founders of the equestrian driving sports. He was chef d'equipe of the Dutch team in 1982, the year Holland won the gold medal. Besides he was judge at many competitions. Daan Modderman died August 11, 1991. Fellow four in hand rider established this trophy to remember this remarkable person for the overall winner four in hand horses.

2015 IJsbrand Chardon (NED)
2014 IJsbrand Chardon (NED)
2013 Theo Timmerman (NED)
2012 IJsbrand Chardon (NED)
2011 Boyd Exell (AUS)
2010 Zoltan Lazar (HUN)
2009 IJsbrand Chardon (NED)
2008 IJsbrand Chardon (NED)
2007 Niet uitgereikt
2006 Werner Ulrich (SUI)
2005 IJsbrand Chardon (NED)
2004 IJsbrand Chardon (NED)
2003 IJsbrand Chardon (NED)
2002 Christoph Sandmann (GER)
2001 Geen wedstrijd wegens mond- en klauwzeer
2000 Tomas Eriksson (SWE)
1999 Tomas Eriksson (SWE)
1998 Tomas Eriksson (SWE)
1997 IJsbrand Chardon (NED)
1996 IJsbrand Chardon (NED)
1995 IJsbrand Chardon (NED)
1994 IJsbrand Chardon (NED)
1993 IJsbrand Chardon (NED)
1992 IJsbrand Chardon (NED)
1991 Tjeerd Velstra (NED)

Winners 'In Memoriam Heinrich Berning Trophy'

Heinrich Berning was a German rider promoting the international four in hand Pony’s. His ideal was establishing a European Championship. Unexpectedly Berning died in 1983. In 1995 his dream came true when in Breda the first European Championships four in hand pony’s was organized.

Some riders have established the in Memoriam Heinrich Berning Trophy to remember this sympathetic man. The prize, a porcelain Welsh pony is rewarded top the winner of an international four in hand pony competition in the Netherlands.

2015 Bram Chardon (NED)
2014 Bram Chardon (NED)
2013 Bram Chardon (NED)
2012 Bram Chardon (NED)
2011 Aart v.d.Kamp jr. (NED)
2010 Bram Chardon (NED)
2009 Marcel de Vries (NED)
2008 Tobias Bucker (GER)
2007 Niet uitgereikt
2006 Tobias Bucker (GER)
2005 Bart Verdroncken (BEL)
2004 Bart Verdroncken (BEL)
2003 Gerhard Gerich (GER)
2002 Dirk Gerkens (GER)
2001 Geen wedstrijd wegens mond- en klauwzeer
2000 Georgina Frith (GB)
1999 Gehrard Gerich (GER)
1998 Georgina Frith (GB)
1997 Gehrard Gerich (GER)
1996 Tobias Bucker (GER)
1995 Georgina Frith (GB)
1994 Abel Unmüßig (GER)
1993 Diethelm Kneifel (GER)
1992 Diethelm Kneifel (GER)
1991 Mia Allo (BEL)
1990 Karen Bassett (GB)
1989 Karen Bassett (GB)
1988 Mia Allo (BEL)
1987 Franz Knapp (GER)
1986 Edwin Flerackers (BEL)
1985 Bernt Weyerman (GER)
1984 Niet uitgereikt
1983 Mieke van Tergouw (NED)

Winners ´In memoriam Pierre de Jonge sr. Trophy´

Pierre de Jonge senior (1934 – 2003) was strongly in favour of developing the 3 major equestrian events in Breda (Internationale Vierspandagen, Breda Horse Event and the Derby Breda) with Breda Hippique as the result in 2000. After Breda Hippique was founded Pierre was part of the Supervisory board but unfortunately he never attended the event. The In Memoriam Pierre de Jonge Sr. Trophy is for the winner of the overall four in hand ponies. 

2015 Bram Chardon (NED)
2014 Bram Chardon (NED)
2013 Bram  Chardon (NED)
2012 Bram Chardon (NED)
2011 Aart v.d. Kamp jr. (NED)
2010 Bram Chardon (NED)
2009 Marcel de Vries (NED)
2008 Tobias Bucker (GER)
2007 Niet uitgereikt
2006 Tobias Bucker (GER)
2005 Bart Verdroncken (BEL)
2004 Bart Verdroncken (BEL)


Winners Pahud de Mortanges Trophy 

Charles Ferdinand Pahud de Mortanges studied at the KMA in Breda.  After his exams he joined the cavalry as trainer, instructor and groom. With his teammates he won gold at the Olympics in Paris. In 1928 he won individual gold with his famous horse Marcroix in Amsterdam and repeated this in 1932 at the Olympics in Los Angeles. One of the Olympic trophies has been made available by Mrs. Pahud de Mortanges and is now awarded to the best Dutch eventing rider at Outdoor Brabant. 

2015 Raf Kooremans
2014 Tim Lips
2013 Tim Lips
2012 Raf Kooremans
2011 Madeleine Brugman
2010 Tim Lips
2009 Tim Lips
2008 Jenny van Rijsewijk - Voskens
2007 Niet uitgereikt
2006 Jan van Beek
2005 Jan van Beek
2004 Jan van Beek
2003 Phiel Plijnaar
2002 Phiel Plijnaar
2001  Geen wedstrijd wegens MKZ
2000 Alice Naber-Lozeman
1999 Adriaan Smeulders
1998 Alice Naber - Lozeman
1997 Alice Lozeman
1996 Adriaan Smeulders
1995 Alice Lozeman
1994 Alice Lozeman
1993 Martin Lips
1992 Gert Boonzaaijer
1991 Martin Lips
1990 Ernestien Hoegen
1989 Ernestien Hoegen
1988 Martin Lips
1987 Simon de Jonge
1986 Eddy Stibbe


The winner of the Derby Breda wins the “In Memoriam Janus Sprangers Trofee”. Janus Sprangers (1926 – 2003) was a great promotor of equestrian sports, honorary president of the Breda equestrian chapter and awarded with the silver and crowned NKB decoration. He cared a lot about the Breda Derby and in 1992 he was rewarded honorary member of the derby.

Winners Breda Derby & In memoriam Janus Sprangers Trophy:

2015 Koen Leemans op Dopharma's Uraniet
2014 Bianca Schmakers met Zorianda
2013 Rob Heyligers met Wotherspoon
2012 Leon Hegge met Wando
2011 Anne-Martine van Liere met Whence
2010 Leon Kuipers met Markeers Victorie
2009 Rob Heijligers met Sri Tyson
2008 Bianca Schoenmakers met Rino Biene
2007 Niet verreden
2006 Rob Heijligers met Transporteur Orkaan
2005 Leon Kuypers met Vilarco
2004 Rogier Linssen met Olaf

IM Michel de Leeuw Trofee

Michel de Leeuw was all his life involved with horses. He was judge and official at Outdoor Brabant for since 1995. Michel de Leeuw died in 2014 and since then we reward the IM Michel de Leeuw Trophy for the winner of the M-class show jumping at Breda.

Winner In Memoriam Michel de Leeuw Trophy:

2015 Not awarded
2014 Gerd-Jan Horsman op Discovery



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