Club of 100

Many, many years ago some friends felt that the four in hand event, which was facing really hard times, needed some help. That's why they founded the ‘Club van 100’ early 1989.

The purpose of this club is to emotionally and financially support the four in hand foundation ‘Stichting Vierspanwedstrijden West-Brabant’ which melted with 3 other equestrian events in Breda into Outdoor Brabant. The club has over 60 members who enjoy several social activities throughout the year.

The majority of the dues related to the membership are donated to Outdoor Brabant and because of the background of the club mainly to four in hand related purposes. Over the years the Club van 100 has developed a financial buffer for emergencies. This is how the Club has been able to give a limited guarantee for potential operating deficits in some years. The president of the Club van 100, Mr. Hans Raaijmakers, is like many of the members an enthusiastic driver.

The board is composed of:

Jan van den Heuvel, chairman

Ton Overeem, registrar

T. 076-5418844

M. 06-44541040


Marinel Poncin, treasurer



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