Back in 1983 the Stichting Vierspanrijden West Brabant organized the first international Four in Hand competition in Breda (Teteringen) for horses and ponies. At a different venue Breda Horse Event started, organizing the Breda Military.

And in 1990 the first Derby of Breda (show jumping) was organized. In 2000 these 3 equestrian events merged into one event, Breda Hippique. At that time dressage became the 4th discipline in the program. In 2011 a multi year strategy for the event was launched and the name changed into Outdoor Brabant.

Crown Jewel

The city of Breda has awarded Breda Hippique in 2005 the title Kroonjuweel (Crown Jewel), a title for events that distinguishes from other events, is innovative, attracts a large audience and gives national and international exposure to the city. The international Four in Hand drivers have selected Breda Hippique in their top 5 international outdoor events. In 2010 our former Queen Beatrix visited Outdoor Brabant with the Princesses Amalia and Ariana.

Equestrian sports championships

At Outdoor Brabant there have been many national, European and World Championships. In 1995 there was for the first time the European Championships Four in Hand for ponies and in 2011 the European Championships Four in Hand for horses. In 2010 and 2012 Outdoor Brabant hosted the World Championships Para Equestrian Driving. Several times Outdoor Brabant was the venue for National Championships Eventing and Driving.


The history of the Grand Prix of Breda goes back to the early nineties. Since 2004 the challenge cup for this Derby (one of the few Derby’s in the Netherlands) including many natural obstacles is the In Memoriam Janus Sprangers trofee.

Other memorial cups are since 1986 the Pahud de Mortanges trophy for the most successful eventing rider, the  In Memoriam Daan Modderman trophy for the best Four in Hand driver and the In Memoriam Heinrich Berning trophy for the best Four in Hand pony driver. For the overall winner at the Four in Hand ponies is the In Memoriam Pierre de Jonge Sr. trofee. Since 2014 the In Memoriam Michel de Leeuw trophy is handed to the  best show jumping rider in the M-class. 

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